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What to Do in Ximending

Although Ximending comes alive in the evening you'll find something to do at any time of the day if you walk around and see what's there.

  1. Shopping - It is a major commercial center and all types of shops are to be found here. Fashionable clothes and shoes are major attractions though cosmetics, accessories and gadgets are also to be found.
  2. Eat - Enjoying Taiwanese specialties as well as international food choices.
  3. Snacks - The Taipei people love to eat and walk at the same time. So snacks on the go while you window shop are a must try while you are in the area.
  4. Go to the huge cinema IMAX – tickets around NT$380. As well as latest global releases and Taiwanese favorites much of the movie selection are suitable for couples as attending a movie together is a preferred date for the young people of Taiwan. This the biggest IMAX theatre in Asia! Details at
  5. People watching – sit on one of the small sponsored benches and watch people go buy and appreciate the great range of fashionable styles there are in Taipei
  6. Dog watching. Yes people love to walk their dogs in the evening, look out for the traditional Chinese breeds such as …
  7. Watch street performers – modern young style buskers give shows of musical and athletic abilities.
Attractions near Ximending

Located in the western portion of the city, near the river separating Taipei from New Taipei, the Ximending distraction is ideally located for access to historic and important landmarks and sightseeing destinations.  Here are just some suggestions of attractions you may wish to visit as a part of your trip to the district. Or if staying in a hotel in Ximending then these will be your easy-access sights.

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