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About Ximending

Ximending is the heart of young people shopping in Taipei, attracting all the latest fashions from Japan, Korea and the USA it blends it in a unique Chinese way with true understanding of modern Asian Culture.
A not to be missed district for any visit to Taipei, Ximending will provide fascinating sights, good shopping, unique local and global offerings. Make sure you visit Ximending during your holiday in Taiwan!

About XimenDING.TW

Having been long impressed by the tourist center which is Ximending it was decided that there should be a definitive web site providing information to visitors.  This is it!


About WL Media FastFacts Travel Guides

WL Media has a network of small travel guides branded as FastFacts starting from the original one about Hong Kong where the company is based, throughout Asia and globally.

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Attractions near Ximending

Located in the western portion of the city, near the river separating Taipei from New Taipei, the Ximending distraction is ideally located for access to historic and important landmarks and sightseeing destinations.  Here are just some suggestions of attractions you may wish to visit as a part of your trip to the district. Or if staying in a hotel in Ximending then these will be your easy-access sights.

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