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Eating in Ximending

From the many street vendors through global chains, like 7 Eleven and Starbucks, to quirky local bistros there is no shortage of places to eat in Ximending. Chinese people love to eat, and Taiwanese are experts on snacks so you can power up your shopping expedition with food at every corner!

Try the Taiwanese Double Hot Dog on a stick, with meat inside meat on a skewer for a great portable snack available from a street cart. Eating that or more traditional Taiwanese Egg Fried Rice from small shop vendors reminds you that Taiwan is part of global culture, and has adapted it to Chinese needs and tastes.

Fried rice is made to order in front of you on a giant hot plate, resembling the Japanese xxxx but with a unique Taiwanese flavor.

Snack stalls are allowed to operate on the pavements around the outside of the Ximending district, as well as on the wide pedestrianized roads within Ximending itself.

Green Onion Pancake is a great snack to eat on the go, served in a brown paper bag you can much as you window shop. Light and fluffy layers of fried pastry are sprinkled with diced green onion to give it an interesting bite.

Do note that Ximending is a real local part of Taiwan with the majority of the customers being local Chinese, therefore while restaurant staff will graciously try to assist the welcomed foreign visitors you will find that menus and dish-of-the-day notices are all in Chinese.

Some restaurants and cafes are more international, even when operated by our local Taiwanese entrepunours and so will have menus in English. These are often serving western style snacks and dishes and so are great if you need a taste of home. Fried chicken, burger and fries, salads, pasta and pizza are all common.

Taiwanese Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea is a local specialty. Though available from many vendors a recommended place to try it is Ten Ren Ming Cha - No 45 Chengdu Road.

Ay-Chung Mian Xian, No. 8-1 Emei Street is a great place to try local noodles such as Ah Zhong Vermicelli which are affordable and delicious at only NT$60 for a whole steaming bowl! Served with Chili, Garlic and Vinegar as condiments it is a warm filling dish, though less portable than some!

Attractions near Ximending

Located in the western portion of the city, near the river separating Taipei from New Taipei, the Ximending distraction is ideally located for access to historic and important landmarks and sightseeing destinations.  Here are just some suggestions of attractions you may wish to visit as a part of your trip to the district. Or if staying in a hotel in Ximending then these will be your easy-access sights.

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